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Texture Packs Only Bundle

$288.00 $89.00

Save Over 50% when you purchase ALL Motion Squared Texture Packs together. All 12 Cinema 4D Texture packs for just $89.

The Cinema 4D Textures Bundle Contains 12 Texture Packs. For more information about each Texture Pack, visit the links below.

Concrete Texture Pack (100 materials)

Various materials such as concrete, brick & stucco. Perfect for architectural and exterior renders.

Wood Texture Pack (100 materials

Various wood presets, planks, smooth, floorboards, painted etc.

Shiny Metal Texture Pack (100 materials)

A collection of entirely procedural shiny metal presets. Gold, copper, silver, chrome, platinum etc. Greatly customizable

Metal Texture Pack (100 materials)

Collection of Image based metal textures.

Ice Texture Pack (60 materials)

Ice, snow & frost material. 100 procedural, advanced features like Sub-Surface Scattering & Displacement

Sci Fi Texture Pack (100 materials)

Futuristic & tech textures. A mixture of Procedural & Image base presets

Hybrid Metal Texture pack (75 materials)

Stylized metal presets, created by combining images and built in Cinema 4D effects to create a very sylized and interesting look.

Marble Texture Pack (50 materials)

Regular marble & tile marble presets. Great for interior, object and architectural renders.

Stone Texture Pack (100 Materials)

A mixture of regular ‘natural’ forming stone materials and man made ‘masonry’ materials.

Ground Texture Pack (100 materials)

Various ground surface materials such as dirt, grass, gravel, slate, moss, sand, vegetation, asphalt etc.

Fabric Texture Pack (50 materials)

Fabric & leather presets.

Tiles Texture Pack (50 materials)

Stone & marble tile presets. Ideal for interior architectural renders and visualization

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