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Octane Car Paint for Cinema 4D


Cinema 4D Octane Car Paint

160 Shaders & Lighting Environments. Cinema 4D Octane Car Paint includes various presets such as paint, flake metal, interiors, details, asphalt. Also Include are test scenes & rendering environments. Setup perfect renders in minutes.


1. Rendering Environments & Studios.

Watch this quick demo showing how the environments work. You can also check out the previews using the gallery below or use this google drive folder to see the full resolution previews that are also updated regularly. Everything you see here (except the cars) is included in the pack. Currently there 7 environments and more will be added in updates

Render Environments Gallery:

All the scenes you see here are included in Cinema 4D Octane Car Paint. The pack will be updated with more studios and environments in upcoming updates.

(click to enlarge)

2. Metallic Flake Effects:

Create more realistic looking paint effects using the flake metal presets included in the pack. Watch this demo to see how it works.

Flake Presets Included in the pack:

Various metallic flake effects to create a more realistic and better looking renders.

cinema 4d octane car paint

3. Presets: Paint, Details, Asphalt, Glass, Interior, Metals, etc. (gallery)

This is what the shaders will look like in your Cinema 4D library. 160 shaders in total.


Any version of Cinema 4D Studio R14 & or higher + Octane Standalone & Octane Cinema 4D Plug-gin v3.xx