Element 3D Concrete Shaders



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Motion Squared presents: Element 3D Concrete Shaders

Over 130 Concrete Shaders for Element 3D.

Includes plain concrete materials, concrete blocks, stucco & some custom panel designs. Great for architectural rendering sand visualization. The materials are all 4K resolution which means amazing quality and great close up detail. Made with custom PBR maps for better and more realistic renders (Diffuse, Normal, Glossiness & Reflection). All materials are 100% seamless with no visible edges so they can be tiled to fit any scene or object. Check out the features and preview gallery below.

Main Features:
4K Resolution

4096 x 4096 maps. Amazing quality and great close up detail.

4k textures
PBR Workflow

Custom PBR maps for more realistic renders.

100% Seamless

Seamless edges all presets. Can be tiled to fit any scene.

seamless concrete
Preview Galleries (click to enlarge)
Plain Concrete Shaders

Concrete Block Shaders

Stucco Shaders

Custom Panel Designs

This section contains custom panels and pattern designs. You can load these into the any of the plain and stucco presets and instantly transform them into various patterns and shapes. The pattern can be loaded into the normal channel for extra depth and bump effects. There are 35 patterns in total. Here are some previews made by loading the different patterns into one of the “Plain” presets.

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Element 3D Concrete Shaders