Octane Ground and Dirt Texture Pack for Cinema 4D



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Motion Squared presents: Octane Ground And Dirt Texture Pack for Cinema 4D

Over 100 Ground And Dirt Textures for Octane Render in Cinema 4D.

Includes Dirt, Cracked Dirt, Gravel, Mud, Sand, Dessert, Vegetation, Grass & Moss textures. The textures are all 4K resolution which means amazing quality and great close up detail. Made with calibrated PBR maps for better and more realistic renders (Diffuse, Normal, Displacement, & Specular). Real displacement maps for real physical bump and depth. All textures are 100% seamless with no visible edges so they can be tiled to fit any scene or object. Check out the features and preview gallery below.

Main Features:
4K Resolution

4096 x 4096 maps. Amazing quality and great close up detail.

4k textures
PBR Workflow

Calibrated PBR maps for more realistic renders.

ground and dirt pbr
100% Seamless

Seamless edges all presets. Can be tiled to fit any scene.

seamless ground
Real Displacement

Real physical displacement for actual real depth and bump to surfaces.

Preview Galleries (click to enlarge)
Dirt Textures

Cracked Ground Textures

Vegetation, Grass and Moss Textures.

Gravel Textures

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