The best way to create a hexagon grid in Cinema 4D.

In this video I show you what I think is best way to create a hexagon grid in Cinema 4D. Enjoy!


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  1. There is this thing called math. Scaling by hand is pretty atrocious, if you’re not using a snap function of some sort, and you’re looking for actual precision.

    The internal proportion of a hexagon is 1 to the square root of three (or 1:1.73205081). So that is the proportion you want on your polygons. If you have a plane with an equal amount of polygons in both directions – and the plane is 1 x the square root of three – then you want the radius of each n-side to be 3 times the number of polygons in one direction. Ie.

    A plane sized 1732.05081×1000 divided into 12×12 polygons. The n-side would be 1732.05081/36 (3×12) or 48.1125225 (you can always input the calculation into C4D – and in these cases it is less typing 😉 … or you could also just use the function sqrt(x)…

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