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Earth Hologram Tutorial – Cinema 4D & After Effects

Learn how to create a futuristic earth hologram effects in Cinema 4D & After Effects. 3 part full step by step guide.

Part 1 

Creating the world map using the hair module in Cinema 4D.

Part 2

Creating the rest of the mograph elements. Hexagons, rods, numbers, particles & setting up the render.

Part 3.

Compositing in After Effects.

Project Files.



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  1. Hey man, thanks for the amazing tutorial. May I pick your brain a little more? Here’s my problem:

    At first glimpse, the distribution of the planes along the sphere is beautifully even! But the closer you get to the poles, the closer the planes get until everything gets squashed together. Which sort of destroys the look.

    I tried using a different type of sphere (icosahedron) – but while this gives me a more equal distribution overall, it also messes up the alignment of the planes.

    Any idea on how to combine the best of both? Thanks again. Cheers!

    • I tried a few things too & that unfortunately was the only thing that would work. Changing the type sphere didn’t work for me either.

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